About us

Psst, do you want to know something about Spot On Portable Buildings Pty Ltd?

Unlike so many others…

We’re not the BIGGEST manufacturer of portable buildings around.
We're not the FASTEST growing manufacturer of portable buildings around.
And I’m certain we're not the CHEAPEST manufacturer of portable buildings around.

But I can say this with confidence, we are one of the BEST manufacturers of portable buildings around.

Big claim you’re saying? Yes, it may come across like that, but please, allow me to explain why I make such a claim, but first..



Did you know that anyone can become a portable building manufacturer?
You don’t need any specific skills, qualifications or licences. You don’t have to be a builder or carpenter, any handyperson can go down to the local hardware store and steel supplier, purchase the material required to build a portable building, and put it together in their own back yard, even doing their own electrical and plumbing work. Then advertise it on gumtree & eBay, maybe get a website telling the world how great these portable buildings are, and say “we have years of experience in supplying businesses and families Australia wide with quality portable buildings”. Friends, there are many “portable building manufacturers” operating exactly like that today. You would have to wonder, if they have no problems lying about their so called "years of experience", what else are they telling you?

Now, where was I???
Oh, that’s right, our claim as being one of the best portable building manufacturers around. Let me explain.


Not that long ago, in early May 2015 actually, I sold my successful business - Clearview Windows. After building this business from scratch 9 years ago, it was time for a change. Once the sale of Clearview Windows was locked in, I began considering all sorts of other business opportunities, from franchises to established businesses to new start up, and in mid June, I decided to get to work on establishing SPOT ON PORTABLE BUILDINGS PTY LTD. And getting to work is an understatement. There was a HUGE AMOUNT of work to be done, spending up to 16 hrs per day organising everything from getting a website, purchasing equipment, finding a suitable manufacturing yard, recruiting qualified staff, research and marketing. I purchased some pre-drawn floor plans and certified engineer’s drawings as well as got of few of my own designs drawn up and engineered, and on August 3, 2015, the gates to 21 Lewington St West Wodonga opened, SPOT ON PORTABLE BUILDINGS PTY LTD was now open for business.


I’m not sure if you’ve picked up on it, but I’m not a builder or carpenter, and I certainly cannot weld, in fact, I couldn’t even call myself an unskilled welder, but at 52 years of age, I can distinguish a good tradesmen from the not so good, and as I stated on the home page of this site –


"I have made it my personal goal to exceed your expectations in customer service and product excellence"

Joe Tarapacz - Managing Director

So, to be able to reach my personal goal, I would need to meet four requirements -

  1. Employ highly skilled qualified tradesmen to build outstanding portable buildings.
  2. Ensure the workmanship is always much higher that acceptable, EXCELLENT.
  3. Only use quality, reputable materials.
  4. Ensure that you, the customer, receive the respectful and courteous customer service you deserve.

Let’s take a quick look to see if those four requirements have been met.

REQUIREMENT No 1 - Highly Skilled Qualified Tradesmen.

Let's meet the builders.

Jason - Welder
Qualified First Class Welder (Cert No.2000/19469 & SAA Welding Certificate 3E-MMAW) with 15 years experience ranging from workshop fabrication and plant maintenance to ship maintenance & repairs as well as working mine sites.

John - Carpenter
Our awesome kiwi karpenter holds a Certificate IV in carpentry with past experience including construction site supervisory position for a Master Builder in Melbourne as well as self employed taking on all projects ranging from construction, repairs, renovations and maintenance.

Nathan - Trade Assistant
Our local Chiltern lad has past experience as a Trade Assistant with BUILT VIC PTY LTD, a Melbourne based construction company as well as trade assistance with a local plumbing company.

Michael - Apprentice
Some text about Michael here.

We also employ skilled contractors for specialty work such as...

  • Kitchens – Urban Form Cabinets & David Hanckel Cabinets
  • Plumbing – Ashley Chick Plumbing Service
  • Electrical – Nick Higgans Electrical Contractors
  • Painting – Voggenreiter Bros.
  • Wardrobes - Oz Premium Wardrobes

As you can see, all work is carried out by qualified tradesmen possessing the relevant licences, permits and insurances. It looks like requirement No 1 gets a big YES

REQUIREMENT No 2 - Excellent standard of work. "If it's not spot on, then it's not Spot On"

As I’ve just mentioned, I may not be a builder or welder, but I can distinguish good work from the not so good. My frequent wonderings out of the office to the manufacturing area enables me to keep a keen eye on the quality of the work. All my team are familiar with the company’s goal (it's actually on the wall of the workshop) and appreciate the importance of “exceeding customer’s expectations”, and I enjoy showing my appreciation for their diligent efforts in achieving that goal. They know why I’m wondering around the job site, and it’s not just to check on their work. I’m also very open to any suggestions on how we can continue improving the quality of our product, even in the slightest way. I will happily listen to all suggestions and quickly implement those that work ever closer to achieving our goal more fully. Offering a money back guarantee on all portable buildings would have to indicate that YES, requirement No 2 is being met.

REQUIREMENT No 3 - Only use quality materials.

Throughout the portable buildings manufactured at our yard, you’ll see names like Gyprock, Dulux, Serfloor, Colourbond, SilkaFlex, Konnect, Pink Batts, Reece, Motivi & AKAI. Maybe you’ve heard of some of these names, maybe you haven’t, but one thing is for sure, from the smallest of screws to the exterior cladding and interior finishing, we source and will continue to source only quality building materials. Why? Because it’s smart business practice. Simply put, quality materials give you a quality finish as well as an extended life of your portable building, and that makes everyone happy. YES, we’ve done it!

REQUIREMENT No 4 - Excellent customer service.

On calling our local 1300 number, our friendly receptionist will immediately transfer your call/message to myself or our sales assitant Sophie to respond to attend to your enquiry. If you call my personal mobile number, and you’re very welcome to do so, hopefully I can take your call, but as we all know, that is not always possible, so please, leave a message or send a text, I will return your call. During our initial discussion, my job is to listen to your requests, address your concerns and answer your questions. My priority is to help you make the best decision possible regarding the purchasing a portable building. Sometimes, after weighing up all the available options, my advice may cost me a sale, so be it, I’m here to help people find rooming solutions. From our first discussion right through to the delivery of your portable and after market inquiries, your personal consultant will be your point of contact,being fully aware of your requests, concerns and requirements. I have long believed the old business adage, “If you don’t look after your customers, someone else will”, so you can rest assured, “I will look after you”. What do you think; do we get a YES for requirement No 4?

So, there you have it, why I believe Spot On Portable Buildings Pty Ltd is one of the best portable building manufacturers around.

  • Skilled qualified tradesmen
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Quality materials
  • Respectful and courteous customer service

If you’re considering a portable building, contact us and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.